All the paintings on this site are available as high-quality LIMITED EDITION PRINTS made by the artist in his studio. Bruce's background is in printmaking, so this is a labor of love, not a job to be sent out to a print lab. After the painting is completed, it is taken to be professionally scanned. The digital file is brought into my computer and adjusted for color and contrast. Small details might be retouched, and proportions adjusted. When all is satisfactory, it is ready for printing.

What is a LIMITED EDITION PRINT? These are long-lasting, high quality prints, carefully made one at a time. In contrast, poster prints, like postcards or magazines, are printed on high speed lithography presses, using just four colors of ink. If you look closely at any litho print, you will see individual dots of those four colors, arranged to lay over each other in transparent grid to give the illusion of thousands of colors. The limited edition prints offered here are made in the studio on an advanced printer that uses eight pigment inks, printed in very tiny dots, much smaller than the dots on litho prints. The tiny dots create very detailed and smooth effects, reproducing the painting very accurately, with greater saturation and depth. Pigments are the color powders used in artist quality oil and acrylic paints, unlike the dye-based inks used in lithography. These inks are much more expensive, and are certified to be fade-resistant for eighty or so years. The paper and canvas is acid-free, which means it will not yellow or dIsintegrate over time. I use a matte surface paper and canvas to avoid reflections and glare off the surface.

Signing print photo

All prints are SIGNED and NUMBERED by the artist. All editions are strictly limited to a total of 190 prints. The numbering tradition is to write the total number of prints below a slash, and the upper number is the consecutive one in that total. Each print in the edition is identical, but only 190 will be made.

loose print example

Several options are offered. A LOOSE PRINT is the most economical choice, until you take it to a framer, which can cause sticker shock! When possible, the images are offered in standard frame sizes, so you can drop the print into one purchased at your favorite store. A white border is usual on the loose prints, so this will have to be trimmed before putting it into an exact-size frame. For non-standard sizes, you can purchase a SECTIONAL FRAME at many office supply stores. You buy two packages, at the width and height measurements. These are easy to put together, and inexpensive.

Africa matted print

A MATTED PRINT is available if you choose. The only choice is an off-white acid-free mat board, no colors are offered. 16x20 and larger sizes are mounted to a foam backing board first. This is a process that uses an acid free glue to completely adhere the paper to the flat board using a vacuum press. Otherwise, slight ripples might show up, especially in damp weather. Then the prepared mat is adhered to the backing board so the assembly holds together. A double matting option is available by request. The main reason for matting is to raise the glass in the frame above the surface of the print slightly. Otherwise, the artwork tends to adhere to the glass over time.

certificate and foil stamp The mat is offered in standard frame sizes when possible (12x16, 16x20, 20x24) so the complete package (backing board, print and mat) can be dropped into those economical store-bought frames. The width of the mat is between 2 and 3 inches on each side. If only a non-standard size is possible, one can purchase a set of sectional frames to fit (see details below). A certificate and custom foil stamp are adhered to the back, and a crystal clear bag protects the package.

black frame exampleThe BLACK METAL FRAME option uses standard sectional frames, such as are available in many office and art supply stores. In the store they come in packages of two pieces the same length, in full inch sizes, so you purchase one package for the height and one for the width. A simple bracket secures the corners. This is a good option when buying the matted prints, since they are offered in full inch sizes. Typically, a glass or acrylic piece is placed in front of the matted print. The way the framed prints are offered here is without a mat, or glass, for best visibility. The print is mounted permanently to the backing foam core board, then framed. The print is shipped ready to hang. This is a nice clean look favored by many.

Hibiscus box frameTHE GALLERY BOX FRAME presents the print mounted to the surface of a 2" deep wood box with smooth black sides. The corners are mitered and bracing is added where needed. The edges are crisp and frameless. Each box is made by the artist in his studio and arrives complete and ready to hang on your wall, with eyelets and wire. The surface of the print is exposed but surprisingly durable and will take an occassional dusting without a problem. Careful cleaning with a damp cloth will not rub off the ink. A clean, modern look that puts the art forward off the wall, precisely to the edge of the box.