What are archival prints?

Also known as giclée (zhee-klay) prints, these are fine art prints created on a high quality inkjet printer. The colors are saturated and brilliant and when paired with excellent paper or canvas they are certified to be fade-proof for many decades.


start with the best ingredients

The printer and inks I use are designed for artists who print. Once all the requirements of color spaces and icc profiles have been dialed in, a print can be made that matches or exceeds the original painting. Several of my images look better as archival prints than in the original!

The inks are pigment-based and vivid, just like in artist oil paints. The paper, canvas and UV-resistant varnish are made by Breathing Color because their chemistry is designed to work well together, and they are industry certified for longevity, at least 80 years of fade-proof brilliance.

artist made, start to finish

This is printmaking for the modern age, requiring an understanding of digital workflow and a host of other practical skills. Many artists rely upon an outside shop to print and frame their art because it simplifies matters and can yield fine results. My training in art school was in printmaking, where I learned to love the many stages to creating an edition of prints. Each piece is made with my personal attention and touch, from start to finish.


for your eyes and heart

Purchasing a piece of art that you love enhances your life and living space. The archival prints I offer are crafted to delight your eyes, touch your soul and last for a lifetime.