about the artist


I’ve been painting the visions I see in meditation since the early 1980s. My degree from art school was in printmaking, so I drew a lot but never took a class in easel painting. It was only after seeing these vivid images presented to my inner eye that I tried working in color.

I learned on the job as I started getting illustration work, and would fit my personal painting in where I could. Some of the paintings here took a year or more to finish, to my chagrin… My approach was that of the tortoise, rather than the hare! But the image takes on it’s own life and requires a kind of devotion. I’ve often felt my kinship with sacred artists down the centuries who worked in a kind of trance, focused on a higher dimension.

A few words about technique… Pictures from the early years were made with the airbrush and fluid acrylics, but after a while it felt too technical and detached, so I bravely picked up the traditional brush. Brush painting with acrylics requires a patient laborious technique if a realistic illusion is desired. Recently, I’ve made the change to oil paints, and it has revolutionized my approach and enthusiasm. The paint seems to cooperate rather than resist my efforts, and the work proceeds much faster. I’ve always painted on a smooth surface, but now prefer the feel and texture of linen, which is changing the look of the work.


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