I am available to paint a mural for your home or business, to add the beauty of nature or inspiring visions to your environment. I can travel to any location with my RV and be on location until the job is finished. You can call or send me an email with a description of your project. Once we have discussed the desired result, I produce an accurate mockup in Photoshop so you can see and make changes before any paint is applied.



I use high quality artist acrylic formulated for outdoor exposure. If desired, the mural can be coated with a two-part clear resin for very long-lasting protection. I have murals in public locations that are still bright and unfaded after 10 years in the sun! The clear coating is anti-graffiti: strong solvents can dissolve any tags without affecting the original art.



The square footage of the wall is the most important factor in pricing. Complexity of the image also affects cost. An accurate estimate is only possible after these elements are understood! My minimum price for location murals is $3,000.