about commissions

your own vision…

Some of my most popular images were born as commissions. Working as an illustrator for many years has trained me to work collaboratively. I have painted book covers and illustrations, posters, tote bags and other gift items. Quite often, sitting down with a client, I find inspiration flashing to mind promptly. If the impulse for the work is aligned with my inner guidance, the results are usually beautiful!


Inca Prophecy is a commissioned oil painting. Jack is a deeply spiritual man with a soul-inspired mission to share the insights derived from his Peruvian shaman-led experiences. His meditation practice is based on the chakras but blended with Inca wisdom teachings. He got in touch with me after seeing some of my art on display, but was wary because of a previous experience commissioning art from a painter. Once we got together, conversation flowed and we found a simple but profound common ground. The final result came about after several revisions, and he was very happy.


Healing Presence is perhaps my most popular image… and is a commissioned piece. It was originally intended as cover art for a book by a psychically gifted woman. Her connection with Source gave clear instructions to her about the look and feel of the image. After one initial meeting, we simply emailed images and notes back and forth. Distance is no impediment for this sort of collaboration. Ultimately, the project with her didn’t work out, but the image was born and has found a wonderful audience.


White Stag is a commission from a client I never met in person. He lives in Mexico and has a wonderful sound healing retreat center near Mexico City. He emailed me and we spoke on the phone about his vision. Deeply significant to him, he spoke of the stag as representing the return of the Christ spirit in the hearts of all people. He specifically did not want any Church symbolism, so we chose the Flower of Life to be the glowing vision in the distance. The ruins symbolize the passing of the old ways, in the midst of nature’s gifts.

Creating art this way requires an agreement on assignment of rights. We negotiate a contract that clearly states who has what rights to the artwork. At one end of the spectrum is full ownership of the original and publication rights to the client. At the other end is one simple assignment of the right to say, a book cover. The artist then retains rights to other publication possibilities and ownership of the original. Many variations can be negotiated in between, and the pricing varies accordingly.

Contact me if you are nurturing an image and you feel I might bring it to life!