Direct from my studio to you


It’s with great pleasure that I am writing my first blog post on my brand new site! I am undertaking a big change in how I present my art to the world, unfolding my inner world outwards, as directly as possible. 

Future posts will 

  • invite you into my studio to share techniques and processes, 
  • Open my sketchbook to your view and invite your responses,
  • Reveal greater detail about various paintings and their gestation,
  • Share thoughts and insights about art and the creative process.

When I was graduating from art college, my mentor told me it would take about 20 years to find my artistic footing, for things to start falling into place. For me it’s been more like 40! Modest talent and hard work have gotten me to this place, and I fervently hope to have 20 more to paint the bright gifts I see with my inner eye.

Painting the image is just the beginning of things… getting it out there is the other half of the equation. Like many artists, I do my work because it’s an imperative from within, a drive that must be honored. It’s also for my great pleasure, to feel the act of creativity singing in my blood. The studio is my inner sanctum, the place I belong and rarely want to leave. This monk-like devotion to the arts evolves inwardly, but the world out there is where I find support and love. It’s a tough balancing act… ask any artist!

So these blog posts will be an extension to my paintings, where I can develop a thought into a simple act of sharing. If you like the paintings, I consider you part of my tribe, a Fellowship of Soul. I invite your comments and input, and look forward to meeting you in the Light!

Bruce Harman