The city of Capitola, CA chose me to paint a series of sea life murals on traffic signal boxes. This was my first. At Capitola Rd & 30th Ave.

This is the State Fish of California, it hides out in the kelp mostly. At Capitola Rd & Clares St.

Dolphins are one of my very favorite subjects to paint. At 41st Ave & Capitola Mall entrance.

The darlings of the Monterey Bay, sea otters came close to being hunted out of existence. At 41st Ave & Clares St.

These playful and super-flexible creatures are the puppies of the bay! At Capitola Rd & 41st Ave.

Just for fun, this one includes a Tiki statue that was stolen from the public years ago. At Capitola Rd & 38th Ave.

By special request, I painted Darla from Finding Nemo on this one. On Brommer St at 41st Ave.

This one is for the fans of fishing. On Clares St, about midway.

Located in the heart of Capitola Village, this one has a public service message.

I went tropical for this large box. At Dominican Oaks in Capitola.