The city of Gilroy, CA chose me to paint a series of nature murals on traffic signal boxes. Hot air balloons are often seen in the Central Valley.

Bird of Paradise flowers have always fascinated me, making this one of my favorites to work on in Gilroy.

This large box has an ecology theme, featuring the beautiful wetlands found in the area near Gilroy.

The other two sides of the ecology theme, with a plea to preserve the waterways.

Gilroy is famous for it’s garlic agriculture, as well as being home to many fine vineyards.

Gilroy Gardens is a popular destination, offering many wonders of horticulture and family fun.

My earnest attempt to copy Van Gogh with garlic cloves floating in the night sky!

A Great Blue Heron as well as two white Egrets…

Monarch butterflies pause in a special location in Santa Cruz on their migratory flight to Mexico.

This box was sponsored by the local VFW and public library.

Our hovering jewel-like friends, enlarged for easy viewing from a passing car!

Located in Soquel, CA, just a short distance away from towering redwood forests…