About Commissions


your own vision...

Some of my most popular images were born as commissions. Working as an illustrator for many years trained me to work collaboratively. I have painted book covers and illustrations, posters, tote bags and other gift items. Quite often, sitting down with a client, I find inspiration flashing to mind promptly. If the impulse for the work is aligned with my inner guidance, the results are usually beautiful!

The work sequence is to first generate sketches for rough decisions, then color comprehensive studies, then begin painting. Being able to send attachment photos via email means my client is able to stay current with the progress and add adjustments during the flow. 

Creating art this way requires an agreement on assignment of rights. We negotiate a contract that clearly states who has what rights to the artwork. At one end of the spectrum is full ownership of publication rights and ownership of the original to the client. At the other end is one simple assignment of the right to say, a book cover. The artist then retains rights to other publication possibilities and ownership of the original. Many variations can be negotiated in between, and the pricing varies accordingly.

If this interests you, please contact me to discuss the potential!